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Crushing Lifter



Charles Guan, Jamison Go, Adam Bercu, Dane Kouttron, Cynthia Lu, Lucy Du, Hanna Lin, Andrew Berkowitz


Cambridge, MA

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Charles Guan, Adam Bercu, Jamison Go, Dane Kouttron

Charles: Machine Shop & Fabrication Instructor, MITAdam: Engineering Consultant

Jamison: Graduate Research Assistant on Additive Manufacturing, MIT

Dane: MIT Thermonuclear Research Reactor Special Projects Engineer

Years competing:

13 years

Favorite tool:
Charles: Abrasive WaterjetAdam: Vertical Machining Center

Jamison: Orbital Sander

Dane: Overclocked oscilloscope

Favorite robot:
Charles: Dummy (Iron Man)Adam: ELSIE, 1948

Jamison: Baymax

Dane: The IBM 7575

Interesting fact:
Charles: Once received a traffic citation in a shopping cart that he converted to an electric go-kart.Adam: Toured India and rocked the American Airlines arena in Miami playing the Repinique in a Brazilian Batucada percussion/dance group.

Jamison: Won his first combat robotics tournament in 2004 at the age of 13 using his Science Olympiad entry, “RON.”

Dane: Launched a high altitude imaging platform that ran out of battery on its decent. The couple who found it thought it was a beer cooler that fell from the space station.

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Wild Cards (2)

Stat history

Stats Career Season 2 Season 1
Total matches 5 2 3
Win percentage 20% 0% 33%
Total wins 1 0 1
Losses 4 2 2
Knockouts 1 0 1
KO percentage 20% 0% 33%
Average knockout time 121 s 121 s
Knockouts against 1 1 0
KO against percentage 20% 50% 0%
Judges decision wins 0 0 0

Match history

Season Round Opponent Results
Season 2 Qualifier Cobalt Lost by KO (1:26)
Season 2 Round of 32 Beta Lost by JD (0-3)
Season 1 Qualifier Lock-Jaw Lost by JD (2-1)
Season 1 Round of 16 Lock-Jaw Won by KO (2:01)
Season 1 Quarterfinals Bite Force Lost by JD (3-0)